Sample Olivia (Polished Black)

Celeris Boots

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  • Description

    Polished Black Olivia Boot with black crystal fabric detailing.  The Olivia is the answer for all riders who want the supreme comfort of a Soft Leather Dressage Boot, rather than a Fully Reinforced one. It is a very pretty style with a front loading Zipper and a Tab finish on the top Arch of the boot. This Model makes a great Dressage Training or Competition boot, but can also be used for Jumping.

  • Size + Fit

    Foot: 38 Euro

    Calf (widest point): 40cm

    Height: 42cm

  • Details + Care

    * Box Calf * Smooth Calf skin lining * Full length front side YKK Zip * Padded Zip Cover with Zip Keeper * Soft square Toe * High narrower shaped Arch *Leather Insole * Rubber Sole *

    Care and Maintenance:

    1. Start by cleaning your boots with a soft brush to remove dirt and dust.

    2. Clean them with a damp cloth and and glycerin soap to remove traces.

    3. Apply Celeris wax all over your boots, ideally using a cloth or a soft brush. In order to make the wax penetrate, do it in circular movements.

    4. Leave your boots to dry overnight.

    5. In the morning brush your boots energetically with a soft brush.

    6. Finish by polishing with a dry cloth until they shine.

    NOTE: All Celeris Reinforced Boots are properly hardened and can take months to Break In compared to the reinforced boots of other brands.