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  • Description

    The Cheval Chap is a great all around Chap for Dressage or Jumping. It can be made from Box Calf Leather or Crazy Horse Leather, and has a rear zip with elastic gussets.

    There are many other choices of colours and leathers available, please contact us for more details.

  • Size + Fit

    Made to Measure, fully customised and tailored to each client, to fit your leg precisely.

  • Details + Care

    Box Calf or Crazy Horse Leather Integral Full Grain Calf Skin Lining Full Length YKK Rear Zipper Elastic Gussetts *Top protection Strap with Snap Button.

    Care and Maintenance:

    1. Start by cleaning your Chaps with a soft brush to remove dirt and dust.

    2. Clean them with a damp cloth and and glycerin soap to remove traces.

    3. Apply Celeris wax all over your Chaps, ideally using a cloth or a soft brush. In order to make the wax penetrate, do it in circular movements.

    4. Leave your Chaps to dry overnight.

    5. In the morning brush your Chaps energetically with a soft brush.

    6. Finish by polishing with a dry cloth until they shine.