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  • Description

    CASCO SPIRIT DRESSAGE – " The most beautiful way to win ".
    The SPIRIT DRESSAGE is a master class helmet, and worn by many of the top Dressage Riders in Europe. This particular combination of SMOOTH BLACK LEATHER is very stylish as a Competition Helmet, and looks just Fab with a Black Jacket. The combination of delicate embroidery and fine embossed rivets gives the SPIRIT DRESSAGE a very elegant character. At the same time it ties in with the tradition of dressage not least because of its high-quality cover in classic colors. Thus the SPIRIT-DRESSAGE combines modern design with the sophisticated dressage apparel. The helmet features the popular ergomatic size system, which provides optimum comfort and an automatic perfect fit for any head shape. The patented CASCO Loc is also very convenient for the equestrian. This innovative lock is characterized by a surprisingly easy adjustment and can be opened with just one hand.

  • Size + Fit

    To find your size, just measure the circumference of your head with a tape-measure. Measure your head at forehead level at its widest point.Please be aware that each brand of helmet has its own particular shape, which will fit your own head shape to a greater or lesser extent.

    S = 54-56 cm , M = 57-58cm ,L = 59-62cm

  • Details + Care

    Approval Standards

    Standard EN 1384. This helmet is of the expiring standard while still being a great helmet for at home to train in, it will no longer be legal for competition for 2017.

    The helmet shown here is a safety product of the CASCO brand and is manufactured according to strict quality controls at our family-owned manufactory in Europe. Please use the helmet only for sports and areas of application that are approved according to the safety standard on the label inside the helmet and observe the regulations for your country.

    Helmet for equestrian activities

    Use only substances and accessories or replacement parts approved by us. Only clean your helmet with water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Changes to the helmet ,particularly the application of paint, stickers, cleaning substances,chemicals and solvents may seriously affect your helmet's ability to protect you.


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